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How to Determine Between Blogger and Wordpress

How to determine whether Blogger or WordPress are right for you...

Both WordPress and Blogger are wonderful for creating a blog in. There are a few differences which may help you in determining which is right for you.

WordPress can be found at - WordPress is great in that it is easy to setup and easy to start writing. For those who are more technologically savvy, WordPress has many addons which the WordPress community has created. If you want more of a blog/website than just a blog, WordPress is the way to go for you!

Blogger can be found at - Blogger is great in that it really simplifies the blogging process by giving you simple options through which you can start blogging right away. If you are less technologically savvy and just need some space in the blogosphere to express your thoughts and writing, Blogger is the way for you! An added bonus to Blogger is that it is part of the Google network and thus you can begin making money through Google Adsense in a much easier way.

Although this article is about choosing one or the other, both WordPress and Blogger are great for expressing your words and your ideas to the online world and blogosphere. Just create an account on either and enjoy!

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Wikpar said...

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