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Company Overview PT. Asahi Diamond Industrial Indonesia

Company Overview PT. Asahi Diamond Industrial Indonesia
PT. ASAHI DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL INDONESIA is a foreign investment company established in May 1996 under the permit of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board No. 613/T/INDUSTRI/1997 and the Deed of Establishment of Notary Lindasari Bachroem, SH No. 27 Dated May 10th 1996. The company core business was to manufacture Drill Bit for mining exploration. In the early of its establishment until prior to the middle of 2002 the company was fully owned by Asahi Diamond Industrial Australia, PTY Ltd. Since July 2002 and to consider a growth of rapid product market either domestic or overseas as well as to fulfill the need of mining sector the company has restructured the capital and fund which was signed by the sales of the whole shares to its holding company Asahi Diamond Industrial Co, Ltd Japan which has a spread manufacturing activities in subsidiary company all over the world such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan, France, China, Korea, US. The company trend of production and market has been growing fast since the period. It was initialed by capital injection and loan agreement from the holding company and the relocation of capital goods from Australia.

The first year of taking over period in 2003 the company has shown the remarkable revenue achievement which was 80% increase from the prior year 2002. This effected to the company profit increase of 77% compared to the prior year 2002.

In the middle of 2005 the company decided to expand its market by getting approval of the expansion permit from Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board No. 302/II/PMA/2005 Dated October 11th 2005 in the end of that year. The purpose of the company expansion was to vary another product called Drill Rod and Casing and Drill Equipment which showed high requirement in market demand. This opportunity was taken by the company and was supported by the holding company which was signed by the agreement of paid up capital and long term loan with the very competitive interest rate.

The first production process for new product commenced in July 2006 and the demand of this kind of product has increased significantly. Within first 6 (six) month period the sales of new product has made a satisfactory contribution to the whole sales during the period in 2006 which was 24% of total sales and enhanced the revenue record of 70% increase in 2006 compared with the prior year.

The company has realized that to maintain a good performance needs professional human resources and very competitive material prices. These two sides has become the important key to remain play an important role in the mining sector. In the view of such mentioned efforts the shareholders have appointed the board of directors to accomplish and carry out the company business in the current and future time.


Asahi Indonesia is recognized internationally for its leadership and expertise in the provision of quality diamond drilling products.


Provides quality diamond drilling products and personalized service for the exploration and mining industries anywhere in the world.


Quality, Precise, Quick Response with Integrity & Honesty


Jalan Jababeka Raya Blok F No.35, Cikarang Industrial Estate, Cikarang - Bekasi 17530

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