BBM : D55 CB 98A
WA : 0853 2023 77xx

Elevator & Escalator PT Pillar Utama Contrindo

Logo PT Pillar Utama Contrindo

Jakarta Bandung Surabaya Semarang

Elevator/Lift PT Pillar Utama Contrindo
Escalator PT Pillar Utama Contrindo

PT Pillar Utama Contrindo, perusahaan lift dan escalator merk PILLAR menyediakan berbagai type dan kapasitas :
- Elevator / Lift
- Passenger
- Home
- Service
- Freight
- Hospital
- Dumb Waiter
- Car Home Parking Garage
- Escalator
- Travelator / Moving Walks
- Modernization & Upgrade for All Elevator Brands
- Part Stockist for Elevators & Escalators

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