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Friends - Abuse Them and You'll Lose Them

Friends - Abuse Them and You'll Lose ThemWe often become so preoccupied with study and all the activities at school and home that we neglect our friendships. The following extract emphasizes the importance of friendship that will take us beyond school and into our adult lives. Relationships, work, school dan family, they all tend to swallow up our time. It’s tought having homework or doing overtime at work. It does not help to help lectures from parents telling you that you healing the home like hotel. Friends are... If you abandon your own life to work, then there’s a good change that you’re likely to defeat yourself. Friends give you an outlet a lot of your frustation. Being with friends allows your mind on a different plane. You become free of the day-in-day our rutine of life and its unavoidable problems. Furthermore, friends help you to shape your identity and that’s the most important thing you will over have in life. In fact, it’s actulally the only thing we can truly call our own. Over the years, friends shape the person we become. Our attitudes, like and dislike are all influenced by our peers. But more than that, friends give us happiness, memories and meaning in life. It’s all to easy to be caught up in our study, career and the money taking rat race that plugues modern day society. Our friends often seem to take a distant back seat, when often in reality, friends help us reach our goal and relise our ambitions. Friends do... Friends help us to sort out our problems. Like the adage a problem shared is a problem halved, a dilemma shared with a caring person (that is, a friend) will shed fresh ideas on a solution, or at the very least, they help you get it off your chest. You also learn from friends. The sharing of knowledge experience is an education that can’t be bought. Whether it be for work or study, friends will help you better yourselfe through helping you to study, giving you tuition, providing you with business contacts or even right down to helping you get a job. Sometimes, we just need someone to tell us that we’re all right. There is no better way to tell you “you’re a great person” than simply having someone wanting to spend some time and share some of life’s experience with you. Do you neglect your friends....? If you consider yourselfe to be a good friend to others, ask yourselfe the following question before you begin to say that you always remember your friends.

  1. Do you often encounter situations when you weren’t invited? When you ask why, the reply was, “Oh, I thought you’d be busy?”
  2. Do you only speak to your friends when you need something?
  3. Have you missed a major crisis in your friends life?
  4. When you do get together with your friends, do you feel left out of the conversation?
  5. Have you ever missed a friend’s birthday?
  6. Has a friend ever come back from a holiday and you didn’t even know he or she had left or come back?
If your answer is “NO” to the above questions, then you’re truly a good friends you’ve got no problems maintaining your friendship and surely would have a lot of friends. However, if you could relate to one or more of the questions, then you’d better shape up, manage your time, get on the phone and arrange the time to go out. Friends give... Friends give you to the opportunity to truly enjoy life. They help give meaning to everyday existence. Most of all, they give you that thing that everyone strives for happiness. If you take steps to make time out for friends, you will find the relationships, school and work all seem to come into clearer perspective, and your time spent doing these thing will be more focused and hence more productive, and just maybe more enjoyable. To give up the people that made you who you are, is something that you’ll look back on with regret. Friends give you true meaning in life.

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