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Asahi Diamond Indonesia Drill ROD Bits & Spart Part 2014


Asahi Diamond Drill ROD Bits & Spart Part 2014We are an International Manufacturing Diamond Tools company with more than 10 years experience in the exploration Industry. Customer satisfaction and outstanding service are our foremost priorities. Our company located in Indonesia which has many exploration of mining and we also have done wonderful cooperation with Asia and Australia company until this time.We would like to offer you our best product, and hope it can contribute to your exploration progress.

Our products are:

  • Impregnated Core Bits
  • Water Swivels
  • W/L Drill Rods
  • Surface Set Bits
  • TA11X
  • TA series Drill Bits for hard
  • Super hard Rock
  • PCD Clore Bits

For further discussion, information, and confirmation about another products, please call and visit our address below.
Thank you for your attention and we hope for your response.

Uka Fahrurosid



The colour series of Asahi Diamond drill bits was designed for soft sedimentary hard competent igneous and volcanic rocks.

They are widely used throughout South East Asia, Australia and PNG for core drilling various formations as shown below.

NOTE: The TA series of drill bits are subject to a separate data seet.

  1. RED
  2. Designed for Soft to Medium formations including sandstones, siltstones, shales, conglomerates and tuffaceous zones. A widely used general purpose bit where high bit loads may be required.

  4. Generally used in Medium to Hard broken formations including pegmatite's, weathered granites and epithermally altered volcanics.

  6. Suitable for Medium to Hard moderately abrasive formations where a softer matrix bits tend to glaze. Ideal for Metamorphic volcanics such as schist or gneiss and some andesite's and basalts.

  7. BLUE
  8. Designed for coring hard competent volcanic and igneous formations particularly where higher rotational speeds and reduced bit weight is available. Works well in Fine - Medium grained granite's, delerites, some basalts and various porphyries.

  9. T8X
  10. This series of bits incorporates the latest innovations in coated synthetic diamond, that are distributed in a strong matrix that resists premature "pull out" of diamond, but soft enough to resist the "strip out" of spent or flattened diamonds in hard rock drilling applications. This series shows significant improvements in both bit life and penetration.


These bits are designed for inseam drilling in coal mines. The design incorporates a 16mm metric thread in the front of the bit to cater for a pilot bit; it also has large irregular drilltec particles and waterways with large water holes.

Standard sizes are 55mm, 65mm & 80mm all with A W rod box thread, although other sizes and threads can be manufactured to order.

To further increase hole diameter a drilltec hole opener can be used behind the bit. These bits and hole openers can be utilized with low torque drilling. The combination of a 65mm pilot bit and a 80mm hole opener has proved successful when attempting to stay in the seam as it generally will deflect off the roof and the floor.


The Asahi Helical Pad Reamer offers a 3 in 1 concept by incorporating natural diamonds and tungsten carbide set in a mixture of impregnated diamond matrix. This formula meets the criteria of most drilling applications from the more abrasive to the fine grained formations encountered woeld wide.

The new helical pattern incorporates a gentle taper from the leading edge, up to the major parallel section of the reamer, which is set to the standard hole size. This feature allows a much smoother and more gradual approach to the set size, resulting in extended life.

Available Size : P,H, N & B Series Front and Black end type

Also Available : Bit sized gauge & Oversized gauge


The broad objective of an impregnated diamond bit is to produce a bit where the matrix, under given conditions, erodes at a rate, so that, as active diamonds become blunt, they will be released and fresh, sharp diamonds will be exposed to come into contact with the rock being drilled.

The matrix is a critical factor in impregnated bit manufacture, as it must have the capacity to retain the synthetic diamonds for as long as they continue to cut but to then wear at a rate that will allow non-performing diamonds to 'strip' out and allow new sharp diamonds to be exposed.
The matrix must be strong enough to resist "pull out" of diamonds, but must not be so strong as to resist the strip out of spent diamonds.
Diamond concentration is a further important consideration in an impregnated core bit, as it is believed that an increase in concentration reduces the 'strip' rate of the matrix and increases the load required for "self-sharpening".
Two extremes of matrix, diamond size and diamond concentration are possible. At one extreme, the matrix is far too "hard" and worn diamonds are not released. At the other extreme, the matrix releases diamonds prematurely, while they still have some useful life left.

In the former case, the bits becomes glazed and excessive loads are required to continue drilling, or the penetration stops altogether, whilst in the latter case, the bit wears far too rapidly and bit costs increase significantly.
A final consideration in the manufacture of bits be they surface set or impregnated, is the waterway. As the matrix to rock clearance is much less with impregnated bits than with surface set bits, the waterway assume a greater degree of importance.
In areas where bit clogging can occur, coolant flow has been found to be a controlling factor in achieving maximum penetration rates. An adequate number and depth of waterways is, therefore, required to ensure adequate cleaning of drilled material and to maximize penetration.


The selection of the optimum bit for the anticipated ground conditions requires careful consideration. while bit life is an important factor, data can be provided to show that the penetration rate may be a more important consideration.
To optimize the drilling economy RPM and Feed rate should be balanced to suit rock type being drilling.


200-250 RPI - 80-100 RPC, Should be aimed for to keep the bit open and still maintaining good bit life.

The RPI index = Bit Revolutions per inch of penetration
The RPC index = Bit Revolutions per cm of penetration
The RPM on your drill string divided by your penetration in inch/min=RPI
(1000 RPM Divided by 5in/min)= 200 RPI (1000 RPM divided by 10cm/min) = 100 RPC



Polycrystalline Diamond bits consist of a purpose designed cast matrix head to which Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts have been fixed in a pattern.

Non-core bits are used for open hole drilling
The cutting pattern is covered by PCD inserts, set in a Cast Matrix Head using round 13.3mm inserts.

Standard sizes are: 55, 65, 76, 96, 99 and 123mm diameters.

Polycrystalline Diamond drill bits have proven successful in soft to medium - hard consolidated formations. They are widely used in coalfields exploration and for open hole drilling to the zone of interest before core drilling commences. Methane gas drainage in coal mines and horizontal drilling for trenchless technologies are important applications for this product.



Surface set bits are characterized by a single layer of diamonds, set on the working face of the bit in a specific pattern. A wide range of standard bits are manufactured by Asahi, which includes a variety of bit profiles, diamond grades and diamond sizes, designed to provide the most efficient cutting for the formation being drilled.

Surface set bits can be used to drill the entire range of rock formations, although advances in impregnated bit technology have made these impregnated bits, much more effective in harder formations this enables the best penetration rate at the lowest cost per meter possible.
Generally speaking larger lower grade diamonds are used in softer, abrasive conditions. Alter the combinations through to small high grade diamond for consolidated, very hard non-abrasive conditions.

(Face Discharge)


Drilling with surface set bit generally continues until a substantial increase in required bit weight indicates that the diamonds have become "blunt" or broken, requiring the bit to be pulled and discarded.

Drill Bits for Hard - Super Hard Rock

The TA range of drill bits was designed for hard to super-hard, medium to ultra fine grained rocks. This series of bits have been developed using data collected throughout Australia and South East Asia.

These bits have now been used in almost every major Australian mining and exploration centre under a variety of cutting conditions with varying penetration rates. The combined increase in a bit life and penetration rate achieved with TA series bits has resulted in HIGHER RIG PRODUCTIVITY and lower cost per metre drilled.
These bits are an advantage in hard ground where low machine torque/horsepower is being used.

TA SERIES - Drill Bits for Hard - Super Hard Rock

TA Series are free cutting long life bits.
Weight and RPM should be varied according to the degree of difficulty in drilling.


Because these bits are so free cutting machine wear and tear and fuel costs are reduced.
Provided the correct bit is selected for the ground conditions encountered little or no "stripping" will be required.


The "TA11X" diamond impregnated core bit, incorporates the lates innovations in coated synthetic diamond, that are distributed in a strong matrix that resists premature "pull out" of diamond, but soft enough to resist the "strip out" of spent or flattened diamonds in hard rock drilling applications.
This formula meets the criteria of most accepted drilling parameters in hard rock types such as: Quartzite, Rhyolite and other silicified volcanic and igneous rock.

Results to date, shows significant improvements in both bit life and penetration.

As with all of our impregnated core bit range, standard depth of impregnation is 9mm, with 12mm DOI available on request.



We manufacture two configurations of swivels, one with a top entry used within the coal industru with 3/4" BSP male thread and side entry to suit the exploration industry with up to 1/4" NPT female.
The front pin comes in standard thread sizing in, AW up to N (other sizes on request). The spindles are made out of stainless steel, with a large bore to allow a more efficient water flow.

We stock a complete range of spare parts to suit all swivels; we can also supply a repair kit (includeing tools) for quick on site dismantling/assembly for repairs & servicing to keep downtime to a minimum.


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