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The Stoic Stoic-Capital Money Maker Group Investment

The Stoic Stoic-Capital Money Maker Group InvestmentThank you for taking the time to visit our site and allowing us to provide an overview of the structure, philosophy and disciplined methodology we at Stoic-Capital are committed to bring to our client accounts. First and foremost, our primary mission emultes perfectly the underlying axiom that groups every commitment made by Stoic-Capital in its investigation and search for reliable, industry competitive investment returns. In today’s rapidly changing, complex markets that demand immediate, reflexive accommodation that old premise that “he who walks away gets to play another day”, has never had more relevance. Hence, Stoic-Capital is slave to the principle of “Preservation of Capital”. This concept is of the utmost importance and grounds our investment philosophy. Stoic-Capital was established in August 2007. Your managers at Stoic with whom you will relate and interact, came together for the sole purpose of developing a unique synergy among experienced financial professionals, who have specialized in different aspects and functions of current markets in order that comprehensive, adaptive solutions that reinforce that Stoic-Capital mandate remains paramount and achievable at each juncture in time. Stoinc understands that the fundamental basis for superlative secular returns is a primary understanding of “Primary Trends” in various markets. As an example, in a stock market categorized as in a “Bull Market Phase”, seven out of ten stocks will rise. In contrast, during a “Bear Phase” nine out of ten stocks will decline. The collective insight of our professionals into diversified markets will set out with a high probability of reliability the primary and future trend of the target market, while as necessary minimizing and resisting any downside exposure by not fighting these underlying powerful trends. The next step in the Stoic approach accesses appropriate financial vehicles to exploit Stoic-Capital’s explusive assumptions, and permits Stoic clients to participate in more market friendly environments. A Stoic principle is to “Ride the Tide, Not Fight the Wave”.

Advantages of investing in The Stoinc:

  1. Internal capitalization of Stoic - $USD 10 Million
  2. High potential profitability grounded at all times by full guarantee of assets
  3. Up to 2.8% daily yield
  4. Asset distribution in all important markets, with emphasis in monetary market instruments (treasury bills, deposit certicitates, etc.) and derivative securities (stocks, mutual funds, futures, options, warrants, certificates, etc.).
  5. 24x7x365 complate customer support
  6. Flexible daily payments of profits to investors as required
  7. The principal and compounded profit maturity period of 190 business day
  8. Client reward program of 5% commission on referrals
Capital Guarantee

Stoic-Capital is guarded and hesitant in disclosing proprietary mathematical models and investment vehicles that we use to facilitate client expections. However, Stoic is comfortable in describing the utilization of “Guaranteed Hedge Funds” as one concept that will be utilized as an investment “Means to an End”; that end being the necessity of achieving highly competitive investment returns, again grounded at all times by the premise of “Preservation of Capital” under all market conditions.

A particular investor entering the Stoic-Capital fund with an initial deposit of $100,000 might be subject to the following scenario whereby the deposit is divided into two parts: insured and trade.

The insured part is put into a zero coupon bond issued by banks or other financial institutions rated not less than AA- by the rating agency Standard and Poors. As an example, a $100,000 zero coupon bond, purchased for $88,650, in one year would be redeemed for the full $100,000 thereby absolutely fully securing the initial $100,000 deposit.

Utilizing the $11,350 not committed to the original purchase of the coupon bond and depending on the investment perspective of our professionals, up to $113,500 might be accessible to the client by utilization of laveraged (borrowed) funds. This combination of the client’s residual deposit and the accessed laverage funds might be invested in shares of monetary fund instruments (treasury bills, deposit certificates etc.) or in derivative securities (options, futures, warrant certificates) as well as other specific applications determined by our professionals as strategic to the market timing of resulting opportunities.

Ecompassed in this strategy of course, will be the anticipated hedging function defined by Stoic in its Hedge Fund in the first place, again respecting its commitment at all times to reinforce the concept of “Preservation of Capital”.

Our Principles
  1. General Information.
  2. What is the Stoic? Stoic is based in our London office and currently services in excess of 5000 investors. The Stoic is a Guaranteed Hedge Fund established under the legislation of the Seychelles. Registration documentation is published on our company documents page. Our asset base axceeds $10 Million dollars.
  3. Reliability
  4. Stoic-Capital clients will always be exposed to the protection of their funds afforded by leading banks and financial companies such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and USB as described by Standard and Paris as not having a rating less than AA-.
  5. Professionalism
  6. This is the key factor to our success as a team that is designed to be synchronized to work together. Stoic-Capital Management Inc. is comprised of experienced professionals in diversified financial markets utilizing proprietary investment strategies.
  7. Continous Improvement
  8. Stoic-Capital believes it is not enough to just achieve investment gains. It must achieve these gains for the right understanding and predicted reasons and not just by being lucky with a roll of the dice. Success achieved is monitored and evaluated, leading to informed, improved analysis in subsequent investments undertaken with client funds.
  9. Partnership
  10. Long term relationships are obviously based on continued success. Our philosophy, however, also recognizes that people make money with people, not on people. As result, the financial models advanced to our clients are the same as utilized by members or our team for their personal purposes.
  11. Process Ability
  12. We are committed to being on the forefront of leading, innovative technologies that help us to communicate with and understand world investment bank protocol in our work to solve ongoing problems, risk management, cost efficiency, and investment instruments spectrum broadening.
  13. Openness
  14. Dialogue is always encouraged between the client and our team. In addition to direct communication, we offer client support through e-mail and live chat.
  15. Guarantees
  16. Guarantees are described in detail on the page “Capital Guarantee”. Guarantees focus on the preservation of funds and also the profit acquisition on deposits.
  17. Site Security
  18. We believe our security in place to protect privacy is state of the art. We utilize Comodo SSL Certificate, Hacker Proof Protection from Comodo and DDOS protection from Blockdos. Clients have access through virtual keyboard utilizing secure passwords for communications regarding personal information and the deposit or withdrawal of funds.
  19. Company Expansion
  20. Stoic is bent on challenging for first place as the largest guaranteed hedge fund by the end of 2010. Clients can view our rating on the “Rate Us” page.

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